About Us

Who we are

Q. Do you know how long is the lifespan of a stray dog in Cyprus? 

A. The estimate is 1,5-2 years.

We are a voluntary organisation that is dedicated to improve the lives of stray dogs in Cyprus. We don’t just collect the sheer mass of poor abandoned animals, we make them feel at home. We labour day and night to make their lives a little better, their winters a little warmer, their food bowls a little more nourishing. We try to re-home as many of our beloved doggies, making room for new four-legged friends. But before they go, we do everything in our power to make them your perfect companions.


We are not funded or sponsored by the government, relying solely on the kind hearts of volunteers. This limits our capacity to take in all that need us. Yet, we try, maintaining in excess of 120 dogs at any given time. Gladly, we have several individuals that are committed to this noble cause and they help in whichever way they can.


Robert Meier is one such individual and the inspiration behind our organisation, a perfect mascot for our cause. Robert Meier dedicated his entire life to animal welfare, thus making the choice of name for the shelter a no-brainer. Believe it or not, he has forsaken human comforts in order to live among our four-legged friends on a full-time basis. This way our dogs have a tiny sliver of human interaction every day of their lives…


Originally, Robert’s Dog Sanctuary was located in Pareklissia area in Limassol. The shelter was run down, with no electricity or stable supply of water. It flooded every winter, as soon as the monsoon-style rains in Cyprus began. Our doggies were in constant danger. Many were perpetually chained up, away from interaction with dogs or humans. Most were exposed to elements, be it scorching sun in the summer, pouring rain in the winter or blistering cold at nights. It seemed to most of our friends that joy was an infrequent occurrence in life, reserved for special occasions…


doggies-on-furnitureBut as of November 2016 we have moved our furry residents to new premises in Kantou village in Limassol. The move was an epic affair, as once again, we had to rely on volunteers for everything from financial help to hard labour. Many of our helpers have learnt how to use hammers and power drills. Some have mastered the art of mixing in cement. Numerous volunteers donated furniture, building supplies, bedding and financial means. We held events to raise funds, we ran campaigns to increase awareness and we got there! Our doggies are  largely off chains and that is a welcome change for so many of them. They are kept in pens with their other friends, socialising, as dogs should. They await you a mere 15-minute drive away from Limassol, hoping you will come in and take them for a walk. And maybe, just maybe, once you visit you will give one of them an entirely different home, complete with an adoring human in it and a warm bed by the window.